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Mubdhab Homes Limited is a real estate company that is focused on bringing real value through an integration of housing solutions, ensuring comfort, and consolidating sustainable development.

As a team of experienced and highly regarded real estate professionals and investors, we are all about fostering sustainability  through making home ownership accessible to every Nigerian.

To make home ownership accessible to every Nigerian of every social condition; home and abroad.

Bringing our vision to reality by using creative financing, innovative ideas, and diverse investment options.

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To make home ownership accessible to every Nigerian of every social condition; home and abroad.

We facilitate and advice, at all levels, on acquiring Federal Government backed mortgage at friendly interest rates

Property management can be a full-time headache. Whether it’s a single rental property, or it’s own large housing estate… We take this burden away from our partners and make real estate a truly passive investment that generates as much profit as possible.

With our extensive network of developers and financiers who are some of the most reputable in the industry, we help landowners make the most out of their land investments without bearing any costs. W bridge the gap between the parties involved and ensure a seamless business relationship for all.

Our expertise in loans and financing comes into play, as we assist aspiring real estate developers acquire the financing to enable them carry out their ventures.

Due to our expertise and broad range of contacts, we are uniquely placed to offer valuable advice to our clients and partners about all areas of real estate investment. We track and analyze data on year-on-year appreciation for various locations throughout the country. This is to aid our partners take the most informed course of action.

Our Core Values

Spawning novel ways to work efficiently and better, whilst adding value.

Creating solutions to prevailing problems so as to foster sustainable development.

Employing the best and acceptable methodologies, and ensuring global best practice.

Taking care in ensuring every work done or result given, is sublime.

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